Buy Your Raw Honey From The Pacific Northwest

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By: Greg Brian


Buy Your Raw Honey From The Pacific Northwest


Honey here in the Pacific Northwest is special. With so many wildflowers, orchards and farms, our bees have a huge source of nectar to supply their hives. Our bees craft nectar into honey, straight from bee pollen, and we bring these types of honey to you. Through our co-op of local beekeepers, we offer pure raw honey to grocery stores across the country.                                                            

Many mainstream grocery stores and health food stores sell adulterated honey with corn syrup, or heavily processed. When it comes to quality and the ultimate health benefits, Artie's Harvest honey is the best. Our traceability details how our honey comes directly from bee farmers. We don’t filter or pasteurize our honey, and there are never any additives. You can be sure our honey is always 100% pure unfiltered raw honey with all its amino acids, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory abilities intact.

Take a look at additional information about the stores where you can find Artie’s Harvest in either Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Alaska:


You can locate our raw honey in bulk at only two major Oregon grocery outlets: QFC and Fred Meyer.

All QFC stores are in Portland, though Fred Meyer stores are a little more expansive throughout the Oregon valley. For instance, you can find our honey in Fred Meyers located everywhere from Grants Pass to Salem.

The honey comes in as big as a 24-ounce jar to give you the best benefits of bulk buying.


Our raw honey is in Washington State more than anywhere else. This includes in Albertson’s, QFC, Safeway (our largest supplier), plus Fred Meyer.

Those stores have locations across the state.


Idaho residents can also buy us in bulk through the above stores, other than QFC. While in more limited locations here, we want to reach out to as many people as possible in the NW to help you avoid regular honey that’s pasteurized.


Yes, Alaskans can also find our honey. It’s only available in a prominent grocery outlet there: Carr’s. Twelve locations of Carr’s stores in Alaska currently sell our products.

Why Buying Online is a Smart Choice

For the best value and medical advice in raw honey, buying in bulk online can’t be beat. Honey has countless uses in the home and kitchen. From baking to cosmetic uses, there are a wide variety of jobs honey can do. Plus, with a nearly eternal shelf-life, your honey will never expire. 

Choosing a jar of honey off the shelf at the grocery store can sometimes be a risky prospect, since so many stores continue to sell heavily processed honey and far from raw. Those stores rarely have bulk honey offerings. 

Buying bulk honey through the Artie’s Harvest website ensures your honey is 100% raw, unfiltered, locally-sourced, and pure. 

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