Honey-Inspired Breakfasts

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By: Greg Brian


Breakfast is, arguably, the most important meal of the day. What you eat then makes all the difference in how you feel up until at least lunchtime or dinner.

What if you added more honey to your breakfasts every morning? Maybe you’ve avoided that for far too long. 

Let’s take a look at some honey-inspired breakfast ideas for you to try. You’ll discover the amazing, long-term health benefits.

Honey Pancakes, Topped with Any Type of Fruit

Rather than just consume standard buttermilk pancakes you’ve consumed for years, why not add a tablespoon of honey to the recipe?

Doing this changes your pancakes into something special, not including tasting a whole better. Besides, adding raw honey in the pancakes helps prevent you from smothering them too thick with syrup. 

Thanks to all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in raw honey, you’re getting a powerful kick to your day. Top off those pancakes with a dozen blueberries or other fruit.

There isn’t a more healthy breakfast, including giving you many of the daily nutrients you need before you even go out the door.

Scrambled or Fried Egg with Honey

The combination of eggs and honey might not sound instantly appealing. Give it a try, though, and you’ll see just how tasty it becomes. 

Besides, the healthful properties you get with both together is more powerful than in pancakes above. 

We all know eggs are already a significant source of protein. Adding honey to the mix gives you a major dose of energy when heading to work in the morning. You also have honey giving you a major long-term boost from the natural sugar. 

Just be sure to keep the amount of raw honey you use in your eggs to at least a tablespoon. It’s all you need in a day to get the vitamins & minerals you need. Simply add the honey slowly into the frying pan as you scramble or fry your eggs.

Adding Honey to Cooked Cereal

Sure, a lot of cold cereals have honey already added. Many of those are loaded with extra sugar, though, giving you too much in a day than what’s recommended.

Your best bet is to avoid cold cereals altogether and make some cooked cereal, namely oatmeal. Plain oatmeal is an open canvas to spread on honey or anything you want.

Put in a tablespoon of honey to your cooked cereal and it becomes more delicious than adding table sugar or any other sweeteners. 

Combining oatmeal with honey is really the most powerful mix of all for breakfast. Oatmeal already has the advantage of giving you plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and healthy bacteria.

Adding honey only strengthens the recipe, giving you further essentials to your diet so you don’t have to eat so heavily at dinnertime.

What About Unconventional Mixtures, Like Honey Bacon or Coffee?

Having honey in bacon might not appeal to all, though it’s worth a try. The only problem is, when raw honey is overheated, it can lose many of its healthful properties. 

If you do add honey to bacon (or other heated foods), it’s best to do it after it’s cooked if you can. The same can apply to coffee, even though some people do add honey in their cup every morning.

More conventionally, honey is added to tea for breakfast. But, since coffee also has antioxidants, adding honey brings a healthful concoction. The only problem is, those who love the taste of coffee might have the honey flavor override the familiar coffee bean taste.

Try your own experiments. It’s not hard to just add a tablespoon of honey to anything at breakfast time as the ultimate taste test.





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