How Does Honey Help a Cough?

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By: Greg Brian


You may have heard all the stories about how honey helps people with coughs. Catching a cold (or getting a sore throat) is still far too common, even in the time of COVID.

No one wants to hear someone coughing relentlessly in public places. How do you sooth that without turning to expensive cough medicines with potential side effects?

Let’s look at how raw honey is a more natural solution.

Is it Really True Honey Can Stop You From Coughing?

We’re here tell you that, yes, it’s really true. The reason is honey has certain properties in it to help alleviate coughs caused by bacterial infections.

In many cases, it works as effectively as most OTC cough medicines on the market. Even some cough medicine products now include honey in the ingredients as a way to (more healthily) stop coughing.

What are those healthful properties to stop your own cough? Take a look at the natural wonders of raw honey and what ages are appropriate for effective usage.

Raw Honey Has Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One thing you’ll discover about raw honey is the antibacterial ingredients available. It has Hydrogen Peroxide inside, something probably not sounding appealing, yet isn’t noticeable in the taste.

Any kind of bacteria you may have in your body, honey can help heal naturally. All you’d need is a small teaspoon of honey per day to bring the most effectiveness in helping remove certain bacterias from your body.

Common cold symptoms are one thing it can help soothe. The use of honey for sore throats is already well-noted, but similar properties stop a cough from becoming a continual annoyance. 

What Other Aspects of Honey Help with Coughs?

It’s thought the overly thick quality of honey also helps sooth the throat faster when consumed. The combination of this with the antimicrobial aspects of honey are noted in tests to work in suppressing coughs.

Various studies have shown raw honey’s effectiveness in stopping a cough over doing nothing. And considering how much alcohol is in OTC cough medicines, using honey instead is much safer for your health. 

You’re better off using real raw honey, though. All those antibacterial properties are often destroyed when honey is overheated. 

Yes, the pasteurized honey you’ve been buying in stores for years is not the most healthful kind. 

Another thing to keep in mind is you have certain age restrictions if you give honey to your young child to stop a cough from a cold.

What Age Should Your Child Be Before Giving Them Honey for a Cough?

All children younger than age one shouldn’t have honey because of the fear of botulism. Toxins in raw honey can attack the nerves in infants, so wait until your children are over the age of one. 

You might be tempted to want to give your infant a small spoon of honey for a cough if they develop one from a cold or flu. Wait until they’re older and it’ll be perfectly safe.

What Did Prior Tests Say About Honey Stopping Coughs?

Medical tests on honey as cough suppression has been done numerous times over the years. Past results showed honey worked more effectively on coughing over regular cough medicines and antihistamines. Eucalyptus, citrus, and labiatae honeys were thought the most effective of all.

You’re better off keeping it to under six teaspoons a day, however. Too much honey can add more sugar to your diet than you should have.

Just spread a little honey on your morning cereal, on a piece of toast, or in your coffee. That’s all it takes to get the added health value and keeping your cough under control while at the office


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