How Does Honey Help a Sore Throat?

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By: Greg Brian


Have you ever tried using honey to soothe a sore throat from a cold or other virus? It might sound like merely an old folk remedy, but in truth, it is scientifically proven to work, and is used by many people who rely on their voice for their careers.

Honey just makes your throat feel better, regardless of whether you use your voice in a job. 

 How does this work, and what are the properties in honey helping ease sore throats? 

Raw Honey Helps Remove Bacteria in Your Body

 A 2018 study was done on the properties of raw honey. In the study, researchers noted how many antibacterial properties honey contains.

Not only can honey fight off bacteria, it also has anti-inflammatory ingredients. The antioxidant content is plentiful in just one tablespoon of honey 

This means when you consume honey, you can also fight off a bacterial infection in your throat from the flu, a cold, or maybe even COVID-19.

The above study is certainly not new. As far back as Ancient Egypt, it was known how important honey was in aiding one’s health. It’s not too common to find food medicine like this while also enjoying a sweet treat. 

How Much Honey Should You Have to Ward Off Your Sore Throat?

Most medical experts recommend taking two tablespoons of raw honey with a warm beverage (usually water or tea). This should be enough to see a noticeable difference in your sore throat in the morning or night.

No doubt you’ve heard about singers and voice artists taking honey with warm water before performing. A practice like this is still going and used for decades in the entertainment industry, with proven success.

Yet, far too many people instead turn to cold medicines to treat sore throats. These OTC meds are usually loaded with alcohol or other ingredients, bringing noticeable side effects. 

Go natural and buy some honey for that scratchy throat. However, there are differences in the types of honey you should use 

Stay Away from Pasteurized Honey

All that honey you’ve been buying in your local grocery store for years is probably pasteurized. Some manufacturers of honey excessively heat it to make it look more appealing to avoid crystallization.

 Boiling honey removes many of its healthful properties. Make sure you pay attention to whether the honey you buy to ease your sore throat isn’t pasteurized. 

Buying your honey raw is the only way you’ll get the antibacterial nutrients you need to make any difference with your throat pain. 

 When you buy your raw honey in bulk through Artie’s Harvest, you’re also making an investment for the future. Storing it away like this means you’ll have all the honey you need as a recurring food, and to help as a natural sore throat remedy for years to come.

Raw Honey Also Helps with Coughs

Most sore throats are also accompanied with a cough when sick with a cold or flu. Did you know raw honey is also a cough suppressant? 

Thanks to the same antibacterial qualities, you can stop a cough equally as well as when using cough medicine. 

It all comes down to Hydrogen Peroxide being a natural ingredient in all raw honey. You can’t taste it, thankfully. Still, it’s the only natural food you can consume that, at the same time, kills bacteria.

 Wait Until Your Children Are Older When Giving Them Honey

Parents might be tempted to give honey to their infant children if they have a sore throat. Because raw honey can cause botulism in infants under age one, wait until after your child’s first birthday before giving it to them.  

Once they’re old enough, they can also enjoy the natural remedy benefits of honey for the rest of their lives like you have. 


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