How Does Raw Honey Compare As A Sweetener To Maple Syrup?

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 By: Greg Brian


How Does Raw Honey Compare As A Sweetener To Maple Syrup?


No doubt you’ve used maple syrup for years to top off your morning pancakes or waffles, or even other foods. Have you ever done a comparison on the health benefits of that compared to using raw honey?

There are some marked differences, but both are considered the healthiest natural sweeteners in the world.

Let’s look at some additional information and comparisons to help you make the right choice for an ongoing sweetener based on your dietary philosophy.

How Are Raw Honey and Maple Syrup Similar?

One thing to know about raw honey and maple syrup is they’re both healthy, natural sweeteners. While they both have a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants, they vary depending on buying one or the other.

What makes them the most similar is that, thanks to both having antioxidants, they can help prevent cancer and even heart disease as starters. 

Another thing to keep in mind is they both have natural sugar, meaning you shouldn’t consume large amounts of either to keep your blood sugar normal. However, with just a couple of tablespoons per day, you’ll get the best benefits from the healthful qualities they offer.

Both also have B vitamins, despite being different ones based on which item you consume. 


How Do Raw Honey and Maple Syrup Differ in Health Properties?

Sometimes it’s a tossup on whether raw honey or maple syrup is healthier. Some might say raw honey is slightly more healthy since it has as many antioxidants as fruits and vegetables.

Nevertheless, maple syrup does have a lower glycemic level than honey. And maple syrup even has B1 and B2 vitamins, something raw honey doesn’t have.

Raw honey, though, has all other B vitamins like B3, B5, and B6, not including more iron. Maple syrup, on the other hand, has high rates of calcium and potassium. 

As you can see, it all depends on what vitamins you need in your diet. The best medical advice is to alternate the use of each during the week for a good balance of those vitamins if using honey or maple syrup for breakfast.

Are Some Varieties of Maple Syrup and Honey Healthier Than Others?

It’s been noted that darker maple syrup is often richer in antioxidants than lighter varieties. This is something to consider if you want to buy the healthiest type available in health food stores.

Raw honey works that way in some ways, though most of these types of honey are uniform in the amount of antioxidants you get.

The strongest antioxidant elements in honey and maple syrup are a little different. In maple syrup, it’s generally known that a compound called GCG (or glucitol-core containing gallotannin) is the healthiest property.

Likewise, in honey, it’s thought phenolic and flavonoid acids are the most significant antioxidant compounds. 

All of these are known for removing free radicals from the body to help prevent cancer and dozens of other diseases, including heart disease. After all these years of consuming honey and maple syrup and thinking you were eating something sugary, now you know you were helping your health in the long run. With raw honey, that includes anti-inflammatory and wound healing powers.

Should You Buy Raw Honey and Organic Maple Syrup?

A lot of people get confused about what to buy with organic honeys and maple syrup. 

For honey, buying it raw (straight from bee pollen) is much more important since pasteurized versions remove all the healthy properties it offers. Unfortunately, much of the regular honey you buy in grocery stores is overly processed.

The same applies to maple syrup for the most part. You’re better off buying it in organic form as well to gain more of the antioxidants it has, plus for a richer taste. 

Ultimately, the verdict is this: Raw honey and maple syrup are both good for you in moderation. We offer raw honey and organic maple syrup at Artie’s Harvest, ready to help make your life and health better.


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