How Long is Raw Honey Good?

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How Long Is Raw Honey Good?


By: Greg Brian

Those of you new to consuming raw honey may wonder how long you can store it after buying it in bulk. Many people who try these types of honey for the first time often wonder the same thing, especially if buying a large amount they want preserved long-term.

The great news is raw honey is good for much longer than you may imagine. Take a look at additional information about how long it lasts and how you might be able to pass it down to the next generation.


Raw Honey isn’t Pasteurized, So it Lasts for Years

All that pasteurized honey you’ve been buying in grocery stores for years can still spoil since it allows bacteria into the product. 

Raw honey has a low pH level, hence making it immune to getting any bacteria inside. This means buying this type of honey is going to last you for potentially hundreds of years, if not longer.

Yes, you read that right! The proof of this comes in archaeologists once finding honey in Ancient Egypt well over 2,000 years old. While they apparently didn’t taste the honey stored there, it was still considered edible. 

What this means is, if you store your raw honey properly, you can pass on any bucket of raw honey to future generations in your family if need be. 


How Should You Store Raw Honey Properly?

You’ll still want to make sure your raw honey is sealed tightly to keep its long-lasting health benefits intact. 

Air-tight glass containers and buckets are just two ways to store away your raw honey. Storing it like this means you can leave it in storage for years before deciding to ever use it for baking.

Of course, you probably don’t want to wait quite this long to consume your bucket of raw honey. This proves the value of buying in bulk since you’ll have more than enough for a long period of time.

Just remember to keep heat away to avoid affecting its flavor. And don’t get moisture in the jars to avoid the potential for bacteria.

During a period of time, you’ll have to remember the stored raw honey you have may change color. Don’t be alarmed by this. It’s sometimes a misunderstood shock when people open up their older jars of organic honeys.


The Crystallization of Raw Honey

All pure honey crystallizes after a time. It’s a natural process that darkens its appearance and sometimes looks less smooth. 

Far too many people open up their old honey jars and freak out when they see the physical signs of crystallization. They often think the honey is spoiled and throw it out when it’s perfectly good.

Crystallizing happens when the raw honey is exposed to colder temperatures. Sometimes that can’t be helped if you store your honey in a frigid basement for months or years at a time. 

The best thing is you’ll know you truly have raw honey when it crystallizes based on this natural reaction.

One good technique for getting rid of honey’s crystallized appearance is to just expose the jar to more sunlight for a while. You don’t bring as much risk this way dipping the jar into hot water, which could end up pasteurizing the honey and evaporating the wide variety of natural properties.


A Good Tip:

When you first store away your bucket of raw honey, always make sure the lid is sealed tight. Doing this assures no moisture gets in there. 

Buying raw honey directly from a local business like us at Artie’s Harvest means it’ll already be solidly sealed. Check it anyway to make sure, even if found in health food stores.

Once you know it’s tightly sealed, your great-great-grandchildren may discover that big bucket of raw honey in your musty old basement someday and realize it’s still usable.



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