How Many Calories Are in Raw Honey?

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Those of you on a diet but wanting to try raw honey have some careful balancing to do. One thing to know first is that the benefits of raw honey far outweigh the calories you might consume. 

Another thing to know is honey doesn’t have to be high-calorie if you consume it in moderation.

Take a look at exactly how many calories you’ll consume with raw honey using just one tablespoon.


Are Raw Honey Calories High or Low?

How many calories you’ll get from consuming raw honey depends on how much you consume on a daily basis. 

Did you know one tablespoon contains 64 calories? Some people on specific diets might think that’s a lot, but it doesn’t have to be when taking it easy.

Of course, it’s not always easy to consume a small amount of something tasting as good as honey. 

Considering raw honey also has 17g grams of net carbs, some on Keto diets shun it all together. They shouldn’t, because it’s easy to balance a certain amount without putting on the pounds.


Do Calories Vary Based on Honey Brand?

Sometimes they do, yes. However, this is usually the case with pasteurized and processed honey you find in many grocery stores. Those products usually have more sugar content, plus other additives.

It’s possible you’ll get more calories in a tablespoon with that type of honey than buying raw. 

When you go raw, you’re getting honey at its purest and most healthiest. Many people on Keto diets and other restricted calories usually moderate their honey consumption. 

By just using two tablespoons a day in foods and drinks, you’ll get more than enough of the health benefits without consuming too many calories.

Consider 128 calories for major antioxidants and other health benefits is more than worth it.


Should You Use Raw Honey as a Replacement for Other Sweeteners?

Yes, you should. Many people on diets try to stay away from artificial sweeteners since those are high in sugar content, and not the natural kind. 

Turning to raw honey lets you use a natural sugar product without it raising your blood sugar nearly as fast. Plus, when you consider sweeteners usually lead to higher dependence on sugary foods and metabolic imbalance, your chances of gaining weight are faster with those than honey.

While artificial sweeteners usually have few or any calories, you have to figure in other factors to see how healthy they are compared to alternatives.

Raw honey doesn’t play around with your metabolism, making it a good dietary aid, as long as you pay attention to how much you consume in one sitting.


Should You Still Buy Raw Honey in Bulk?

At Artie’s Harvest, we provide multi-gallon buckets of honey that can last you a lifetime and beyond. 

We always suggest keeping your honey diet moderated as much as possible. Storing honey away long-term gives you more than enough for your lifetime, and for your children and grandchildren.

Teaching them the health benefits of honey and how much they should consume will keep them healthy for years to come. 

Like the best honey brands, we provide all the labeling you need to understand what you’re getting. You’ll see exactly how many calories you’re consuming and what it means for your dietary needs.

One thing you’ll discover is when you consume just two tablespoons of raw honey per day, you’ll still be able to enjoy the taste and feel satisfied without putting on weight. 

Only Winnie the Pooh can consume an entire pot of honey in one day and live to tell about it.




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