Is Raw Honey Good for Your Skin?

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By: Greg Brian


The idea of raw honey being poured on your skin might sound like a weird idea. Most thoughts are of merely consuming honey for the health benefits, not including getting a sugar kick. 

Believe it or not, honey can also be used to treat wounds and for general skin treatment. What are the details around this, and is it really a good idea to put raw honey on your skin? 

You’ll discover some people apply raw honey directly to their faces. 

Why Apply Raw Honey to Treat Skin Conditions?

It might sound gross to apply raw honey to your face. But, thanks to natural antibacterial properties in raw honey, it’s very effective to help everything from preventing acne to psoriasis and eczema. 

Most people who do this don’t just take a bottle of raw honey and dab it on their face. While you could technically do that, honey treatments for the skin are usually done through a face mask from medical professionals. And, the honey is usually mixed with other creams to make it feel more comfortable on the face.

You probably won’t have any allergic reaction to raw honey on your skin. Only a small part of the world population do, though always do a spot test to make sure you have no major reaction.

Now, just how do those antimicrobial properties in raw honey work to make your skin look healthier?

The Best Type of Raw Honey for Your Skin

It’s said that Manuka honey is the best type of raw honey for skin application since it has plenty of healthy bacteria to help your immune system. Of course, Manuka is only one type of raw honey available.

Any type of unpasteurized honey has the same properties. These antibacterial elements also help reduce inflammation on your skin, hence creating healthier-looking skin texture in the process.

Just remember to always look for unprocessed honey to make this happen. All that honey you’ve been buying in your grocery store is probably pasteurized and filled with additives. Look at the label first before you buy to make sure it says “Honey” as the main ingredient. 

Once you have raw honey available in your home, it can potentially help other skin conditions as well.

Making Your Skin Look Brighter, Plus Healing Wounds

Did you know raw honey also has exfoliating properties? It’s due to the antimicrobial qualities helping to make your skin look more supple overall. 

Professional skin treatments are available out there that allow you to use raw honey this way. Thanks to the exfoliating nature of raw honey, you can truly make your skin look brighter and younger looking. 

At the same time, it has healing elements for scarring. Some people continue to apply raw honey (mixed with other varieties) to use on any recent or old scar tissue. Evidence shows it can sometimes work to make the scar tissue less visible over time compared to other procedures.

Is Raw Honey Less Expensive Than Professional Skin Treatments?

Despite raw honey being a little more expensive than processed honey, it’s definitely cheaper as a treatment for your skin. You’ve probably noticed many professional skin products promising to help your skin look more supple are often double or triple the price from a bottle of raw honey.

Take this seriously and consider using raw honey on your skin, albeit with a little guidance from skin treatment professionals. 

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