Recipes That Call for a Lot of Honey

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By: Greg Brian


Honey is still considered the nectar of the gods, much like the Ancient Egyptians designated it. Using honey in foods and drink is also continuously vast, but which ones use honey more than others?

Once you own a large bucket of raw honey (from Artie’s Harvest), we want you to know where you can put your honey to the best use.

Look at the recipes that call for the most amount of honey. No matter how much you use, it enhances the taste of anything. 

Honey Butter

One of the simplest honey concoctions to make (and using a considerable amount of honey) is honey butter.

If you’ve only use straight butter without honey for years, you’ve missed on a unique and very sweet taste. Many families have continued to make honey butter and use it countless times in other recipes.

Creating it simply involves taking a large stick of butter out of your refrigerator and place in a mixing bowl. Let it soften for a while to make it easier to mix. 

Add in as much honey as you want. Many recipes call for at least 1/4 cup of honey. Mix the honey and butter together thoroughly, then add in some flavorings if you want. Some people add in a pinch of salt, or just use salted butter.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours, and voila, you have (arguably) the tastiest honey recipe of them all.

Honey Salmon

Let’s delve into some healthy dinner items that are enhanced by honey. A popular honey recipe in recent years is placing honey in salmon. 

The amount you add is up to you, but the combination of honey with salmon has to be noted as one of the healthiest in the food world.

Most recipes of this have it made in an air fryer. A marinade sauce is usually added consisting of ginger, garlic powder, and onions to add a unique flavor.

You can also make this on a charcoal grill as an alternative.

Honey Barbecued Chicken Wings

Perhaps you’ve tried honey-flavored chicken wings in the past. If so, you know how irresistible they are. They’re a perfect snack at Super Bowl parties or for holiday gatherings. 

It also adds a little healthful qualities to your BBQ, at least if you use raw honey from sources like Artie’s Harvest.

To create the sauce that goes on your chicken wings, mix together a frying pan of butter, chili powder and other spices you enjoy. Add in cider, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire, and a little salt with your honey. 

Simmer the bowl and then add in a little vinegar to spice up the taste.

Most recipes of this require about 1/2 cup of honey. 

Salad Dressings with Honey

Let’s consider some healthy side dishes with your dinner that can use a considerable amount of honey. Salad dressings are one of the best things to create.

Rather than go with a usual salad dressing flavoring, honey adds some sweet goodness to your salad. Besides, it’s another example of a healthful dish becoming even more healthy adding raw honey.

To create a salad dressing with honey, you’ll need to mix together a combination of vinegar, a little black pepper, and olive oil. You can also add other things like a hot mustard or 1/2 teaspoon of salt to spice things up.

This simple concoction can be made in five minutes, then chilled in your refrigerator. You’re ready to pour this on your salad to start off any dinner party.


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