The Weight of Raw Honey: How Much is a Gallon, Cup, and a Quart?

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By: Greg Brian

Buying raw honey in bulk is a smart idea since it’s sure to last you for years if putting it away in storage. How much does your container of honey weigh, though?

Have you ever considered the weight of honey and how much it might be in gallon, cup, or quart form? What about other forms of honey weight?

It all depends on the size you buy and other factors. Let’s take a look at how much honey really weighs in pounds if you have to carry it to a storage location.


How Much Does a Gallon of Raw Honey Weigh?

One gallon of the purest honey is going to weigh about 12 lbs. However, this varies depending on the water content, the purity level, and type of flower used to make the honey.

Your best guide to knowing you have true raw honey is placing a gallon on a weight scale. If you see it’s 12 lbs, then you know you have the real thing.

Sometimes raw honey has more water content, making the 12 lbs gallon reading rise slightly. Most who produce quality raw honey try to keep the water level to below 14%, though it can vary by product.

Other things affecting weight include how pure the honey is, plus the flower species. Did you know Alfalfa honey generally weighs a pound less in a gallon container? 

Aster honey can sometimes go over 12 lbs in a gallon. 


How Much Does a Cup of Honey Weigh?

Based on calculations, a cup of honey weighs 0.75 lbs, 336 grams, or 11.85 ounces. Keep this in mind if you’re measuring a cup of honey for a particular recipe.

You likely won’t find cups of honey for sale, but the same things apply to weight as the gallon above. Different types of honey might weigh slightly less or more in cup form.

Always have a weight scale in your kitchen to use while cooking. 


How Much Does a Quart of Honey Weigh?

Sometimes you’ll see quarts of raw honey in stores. You might be surprised a quart of honey is 3 lbs, or 48 ounces.

This probably sounds heavier than you thought. It’s easy to find quarts of honey in glass jars. These are very popular and usually made for immediate use.

Although many people who store raw honey place it in quart-size jars. These are solid and usually hold up for multiple decades when stored in a steady, cool room temperature.


What About the Weight of Honey in Other Forms?

Do you know how much a pint of honey weighs? Figures show it’s only 1.5 lbs, which is very lightweight. 

It’s sometimes worth placing raw honey in pint-size jars so you can store more of it on one shelf without creating too much weight.

What if you want to get the works, though, and go with a giant 5-gallon bucket of raw honey? Well, just multiply from the one-gallon figure and you’ll get 60 lbs.!

Yes, that’s a heavy bucket and one possibly requiring two people (or more) carrying into storage. Having a bucket at this weight is still a good investment since it’ll likely be all the raw honey you’ll need for a lifetime. 

We offer 5-gallon buckets of bulk honey at Artie’s Harvest.

Parting Fact:

Did you ever wonder what the lightest weight is for honey? It’s a teaspoon, weighing only 0.0460 lbs. A teaspoon of honey may truly make the medicine go down.





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