What Are the Health Benefits of Raw Honey?

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By: Greg Brian


Consuming raw honey is one of the healthiest things you can add to your diet. Still, you need to consume in moderation, just like everything else. 

 When using honey in food and drinks, you get a complete source of major antioxidants as mere starters. All you need is a small spoonful in anything edible to get all the best health benefits without gaining weight or raising your blood sugar.

Let’s look at the health benefit details of raw honey to help you become better informed.

 What Kind of Antioxidants Exist in Raw Honey?

 Not everyone knows how many antioxidants are available in honey. You’ll be amazed to know 52 of them exist in that small container (or bucket) of raw honey you bought.

 More exactly, you’ll have 30 polyphenols, which make up the majority of the antioxidants. Also, 20 amino acids are in there, which are another essential part of your diet for optimum health. 

Raw honey is also a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals that you may not get in your normal diet. You’re basically consuming a food with as much antioxidants found in all the produce you buy at your grocery store.

If you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables lately, a small teaspoon of honey per day will give you the same antioxidant equivalent.

 Raw Honey Kills Bacteria

 Another thing often overlooked about raw honey is that it naturally has small amounts of dietary hydrogen peroxide - a natural compound that you can’t taste, but kills bad bacteria. This is why honey is often used to help sore throats.

Raw honey is far from just a folk-remedy. There have been countless peer-reviewed studies demonstrating you can help heal bacterial infections by consuming raw honey. 

Raw Honey Helps Fight Inflammation 

Honey is also anti-inflammatory. Fighting off inflammation in your body is important, which raw honey can help with on a daily basis. 

 You can thank the pollen in raw honey for this capability. Any sort of inflammation your body is going through can be faster healed by consuming small amounts of raw honey. In doing so, you’re also protecting your liver in the process.

 Raw honey’s anti-inflammatory properties also help prevent common diseases like heart disease or stroke. 

 Of course, when you add in the powerful antioxidants, raw honey is often noted as one of the greatest foods in protecting against cancer. 

Raw Honey Can Potentially Heal Wounds

Many medical professionals use some forms of honey to apply to wounds on the human body. The effectiveness of this might vary depending on what type of honey you buy.

Raw honey has been applied to wounds for its antiseptic qualities for millenia. However, you should consult with your doctor before doing so.  

 A lot of people are shocked when they realize honey is often applied in medical settings. Use of it has to be at medical grade level, proving how powerful natural honey is. 

Raw Honey is Also a Prebiotic 

Do you want better digestive health? Consuming raw honey helps. Once again, it comes down to the antibacterial properties found in just a small spoonful.

All the good bacteria in your intestinal system is protected thanks to raw honey being an effective prebiotic. Having good digestion is important in your overall health, including in how you feel.

 A Good Tip:

Avoid heavily processed honey found in many grocery stores. This is honey that’s overly heated and destroys many of the healthful properties mentioned above. Processed honey may also be mixed with other ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. These processed honeys do not have the health benefits that our raw honey has.  





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