What is the Best Honey to Buy?

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By: Greg Brian


You’ve perhaps never thought about what type of honey to buy since you’ve possibly been buying it for years in your local grocery stores. We’re here to remind that different types exist between the realms of raw and pasteurized.

Various varieties of honey are also available, often differing the taste slightly based on what you buy. 

Take a look at the best honey to buy today and where you can get it.

What is Unfiltered, Raw Honey?

Always look at the label of your honey when you buy it. If you want true, unfiltered, raw honey, it’ll just say “Honey” as the ingredients.

This is the best type of honey because it comes directly from the hive without any additives placed in to make it look better or enhance taste.

Besides, raw honey is already sweet. You’ll even be able to enjoy different variations to that taste if you buy wildflower raw honey. 

What you need to stay away from is honey that’s pasteurized. Let us explain why, even though you’ve maybe been consuming it far too long in your life.

Pasteurized Honey Removes All Healthful Properties

For decades, some honey manufacturers take raw honey, then boil it to make it look more appealing for marketing purposes. They then put in further additives, bottle it up, and sell it to grocery stores.

It’s this type of honey still dominating grocery store shelves. While raw honey is starting to make inroads there, you’ve no doubt grown up with pasteurized honey. 

Boiling honey only removes all the rich antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals (as just starters) available in unfiltered, raw honey. In other words, if you thought you were consuming something healthy buying pasteurized honey all these years, you haven’t been. 

The question is: Where can you buy unfiltered, raw honey, including in bulk? You can often find it on a local basis.

Artie’s Harvest as Your Unfiltered Raw Honey Source

Located in SW Washington, Artie’s Harvest is a rich source of raw honey if you’ve been looking for it. Our raw honey comes from local farmers in the area where we base.

To show you exactly where the honey comes from, we label the name of the farm where it’s harvested. This footprint helps you understand where raw honey really comes from and the type of honey you’re getting.

A product highlight for us is selling wildflower raw honey. It comes from a mix of wildflowers native to the NW. Each wildflower in the mix will give you a slightly different sweet taste, making it a true tasting adventure.

We offer our unfiltered raw honey in many NW grocery stores in smaller bottles. However, you can easily order any size you want directly through our website. 

Even though we’re a local business in Washington State, we can send you our incredible raw honey anywhere in the U.S.

What Sizes Can You Buy?

We want to tell you about the advantages of buying your unfiltered raw honey in bulk. You can find anywhere from one to five-gallon buckets of our raw honey, sturdily made for long-term storage.

Yes, you can buy raw honey in bulk and have enough to last you for years to come. Just be sure to store it in moderate room temperatures. Overly cold temperatures (e.g. storing in a basement) could cause faster crystallization. 

Keep in mind crystallization is a natural process with unfiltered raw honey. Sometimes it just happens faster when exposed to cooler temperatures. 

No matter if your raw honey crystallizes, you can make it smooth again with just a little warm water. And it never ruins the taste. 

We guarantee you’ll love the taste of our raw honey, no matter how long you’ve kept it in storage, including decades.

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