What is Wildflower Raw Honey?

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One great thing about raw honey is you can find a variety of types based on the flowers where it came from. Wildflower honey is still raw honey, but coming from a variety of different flowers.

The official term for this is “polyfloral”, meaning some raw honey may have different tastes or aromas based on the flower where the nectar was taken.

Let’s go in-depth on wildflower honey and why it’s the best type to consume on a health and taste level.


You Can’t Always Predict What Wildflower Honey Will Taste Like

It’s usually a surprise of the taste buds when people try wildflower honey for the first time. Even farmers who produce wildflower honey don’t always know which flower species were used to produce the nectar. 

This makes tasting wildflower honey a pleasurable pastime. You never really know what it’s going to taste like until you try it. 

A lot of honey connoisseurs out there liken this to wine tasting. They take their time tasting each bottle of wildflower honey akin to wine sipping. Each taste might be a little different than another.

Each wildflower where the nectar is taken from is usually from a specific local region. As a result, it makes raw wildflower honey a true local food. And it’s typically produced by your local farmers or honey harvesters like us at Artie’s Harvest.


What is the Basic Look and Taste of Wildflower Honey?

When you buy a bottle of wildflower honey for the first time, you can expect it might have a bit of a fruity flavor, depending on the mix of flower species. 

Many appreciate this light fruit taste, though you’re also getting the familiar, natural, sugary flavor raw honey has.

That particular fruit taste may vary based on when the honey was harvested. Wildflower honey produced in the latter half of the year usually has a more noticeable fruit flavor. Plus, it usually looks a little darker in its appearance. 

Likewise, wildflower honey produced in late winter or spring isn’t quite as strong based on a variety of different flowers blooming then. 


The Natural Health Benefits of Wildflower Honey

At Artie’s Harvest, we offer multi-gallon buckets of wildflower honey produced either on the West Coast or directly in the Pacific Northwest. No matter which type you buy, you’ll get a different taste and aroma in each.

Best of all, you’re getting real raw honey this way and all its natural, healthful properties. The antioxidants you’ll receive from just a small amount of wildflower honey is exponential. It’s equivalent to getting similar amounts in fruits and vegetables.

Another good reason to consume this type of honey is it helps with inflammation. You’ll have something helping cure many ailments ranging from coughs, sore throats, to general infections.

Consuming wildflower honey to remove free radicals out of your body also makes it a great cancer-fighting food.

An interesting health study even found that when you consume small amounts of wildflower honey, you can prevent allergies caused by the species of flowers producing the nectar.


Stay Away From Processed Honey

You might find some products in local grocery stores claiming to be wildflower honey when it’s actually gone through far too much processing. All this does is remove many of the healthy nutrients this type of honey offers.

It’s best to make an effort to buy wildflower honey locally to support your local farmers. Those of us at Artie’s Harvest pride ourselves in providing a traceability code on all our raw honey products.







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