Where Can I Buy Local Honey?

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By: Greg Brian


Buying honey locally is the best thing you can do since you’re supporting not only local business, but also the farmers who bring you that honey. 

And buying raw honey locally is the best thing for your health. Let’s look at where you can get raw honey locally and why it’s worth the effort over buying pasteurized honey in your local grocery stores.

Where Do You Find Raw Honey Locally?

Your best source is to simply Google “Raw Honey Near Me” for an online search. You’ll find all the local farms or stores offering it to give you price comparisons. 

Another good way is to do local searches for community farmer’s markets. Many farmers sell local honey at these outdoor markets, giving you a chance to buy directly from the sources where it’s made. 

However, many local businesses selling honey work directly with farmers to get raw honey to your table. Here at Artie’s Harvest, this is what we do.

Finding Local Raw Honey in the Pacific Northwest

Those of you in Oregon or Washington will find a lot of local raw honey sources in your neck of the woods.

No matter if you live in a big city or a small town, numerous places are available within a short drive to find raw honey. 

At Artie’s Harvest, our location in SW Washington State is a true central place to get the best raw honey in the region. We’re located right in the middle of farm country where raw honey is harvested. 

We also offer wildflower raw honey, a very popular type that comes from wildflowers year-round. The taste of this type of honey is hard to beat since it comes from a multitude of flowers native to the NW. 

Should You Still Buy Raw Honey in Your Local Grocery Store?

The answer to this is both Yes and No. Yes, it’s true you can find raw honey in some grocery stores. For instance, Artie’s Harvest raw honey is available in many prominent grocery outlets throughout NW states. 

On the other hand, the majority of honey you find in grocery stores is the pasteurized kind. This is the honey you probably grew up with, though excessively heated to make it look more appealing.

Pasteurized honey is a lesser version of what honey should be. Only raw honey is a true source of rich antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  Boiling this honey takes away the high nutritional properties only raw honey gives you.

In this case, you need to be careful and do a lot of label reading when buying honey in local grocery stores. 

When you see a jar of honey on the shelf, look at the ingredients. It should only say “Honey” and not a list of additives to enhance the flavor or appearance. 

What Type of Raw Honey Should You Buy Locally?

Artie’s Harvest offers raw honey made here in the Pacific NW, plus other locations along the U.S. West Coast. Add in the above-mentioned wildflower honey, making our honey some of the best quality for NW locals.

When you shop for raw honey locally, always check to see what size options are available. Standard size bottles are available from us, but we also want to show the importance of buying in bulk.

Our giant one to five-gallon buckets are enough to last you for years to come when in proper storage. They’re also sealed tight to ensure crystallization doesn’t happen sooner than later.

Always take the initiative on shopping local for raw honey. As you take that buying journey, each container of our raw honey shows you exactly which farm it came from.


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