Why Buy Local Honey? What Makes Local Honey Better

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By: Greg Brian


For years, you’ve perhaps bought honey in your grocery store with the assumption it’s local. First of all, it might not be raw honey since most honey seen in stores is pasteurized/processed.

Also, that honey you buy may also not be local. It possibly comes from another part of America, making it similar to purchasing any other grocery product.

Why should you buy honey on a local basis? Let us show you why it’s an important practice.

You’re Supporting Local Farmers

One thing we’re proud of here at Artie’s Harvest is we work very closely with local, NW farmers to get our raw honey to your table. 

When you buy raw honey from us, you’re supporting farmers in the Pacific Northwest who harvest it. At the same time, you’re supporting local business based on our own locality nearby in SW Washington State.

No matter where you are, buying raw honey locally supports local business, which is so important today for the economy.

Big food companies producing pasteurized honey try to fool you into thinking you’re buying local when it’s far from it. Much of the processed honey you buy likely comes from another state thousands of miles from where you live.

You’re Getting True, Raw Honey

Buying raw honey locally means you’re getting it in its purest form. Local farmers are not going to pasteurize the honey to make it look better.

Overheating honey definitely doesn’t make it taste better. Local, raw honey is going to taste just as good as the type you buy in the grocery stores. 

The only difference is raw honey can sometimes crystallize faster. Don’t let this alarm you since it’s a natural process due to exposure to cooler temperatures. Simply place it in a pot of warm water, and it’ll look like normal again.

Another benefit to buying local raw honey is you’re getting all the health benefits found in this natural food. It has abundant enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, enough to easily balance out your diet with just one tablespoon or two per day.

Non-local, pasteurized honey is only a tenth of what raw honey bought locally provides for you on a healthful level.

Local Honey Retains Pollen to Help with Allergies

Here’s something you maybe didn’t know: Buying honey raw in your local area could help stave off allergies you suffer from during the spring or summer.

Yes, it’s true that local honey has local pollen in it, which is known to help one’s immune system. Correcting this can mean overcoming all the sneezing and coughing you do every spring due to pollen in the air.

Overheated honey removes this local pollen, so it’s something to consider when doing purchasing. Local farmers only use a coarse strainer when producing the honey, leaving the pollen intact.

You have to consume local raw honey regularly to help reinforce your immune system to allergies. When you buy it in bulk, you may have enough for most of your life.

You Can Buy Local Raw Honey in Bulk

Buying local honey in your city or town (and from us at Artie’s Harvest) usually means you can buy them in large buckets for long-term storage.

It’s impossible to find pasteurized honey like this in stores. While Artie’s Harvest does sell smaller bottles of our local, raw honey in select grocery stores, we offer bulk buckets of our products on our website.

We encourage you to support local business by buying honey in bulk. Our buckets come in one to five-gallon sizes. Storing them is very convenient thanks to our solid bucket construction.

Besides, this honey will last for decades, giving you a chance to use local, raw honey whenever you want on an unlimited basis.





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