Why Raw Honey is Better Than Other Honey Alternatives

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By: Greg Brian


You’ve possibly grown up with the notion that honey is pretty much all the same. In reality, two alternatives exist, and with various types of honey besides. 

The differences in the types are usually in taste based on which wildflowers it comes from. When it comes to alternatives, it’s all about unfiltered raw honey vs. pasteurized. You can even add to the list when you see honey with different additives. 

Here’s why raw honey is the best of them all.

What Kind of Honey Have You Bought in Stores?

If you’re like the majority of consumers, you’ve possibly been buying pasteurized honey in your local grocery store for most of your life. It’s a type of honey that still tastes and looks good. One reason is the honey manufacturer boils the honey to make it look more appealing and prevent faster crystallization. 

The excuse for the pasteurization process is it kills bacteria and gives an appearance that’s more marketable. What this does in the process is kills all the healthful properties found when honey is raw.

These healthy ingredients are a big part of why raw honey should always be your top choice over pasteurized versions. Still, the pasteurized honey market continues to thrive. Take a look at how to break this chain.

What Makes Raw Honey So Healthy?

When you buy unfiltered raw honey, you’re getting a food with as many antioxidants as found in nearly all produce. Plus, you’re getting numerous vitamins and minerals found in numerous other healthful foods.

Just a couple tablespoons of honey per day gives you all of this as a major part of balancing your diet. 

Why do consumers still buy pasteurized honey then? It’s because it’s pushed more often on grocery store shelves. Raw honey is often sold through websites or farmer’s markets. However, it’s still found in some grocery stores, depending on which stores you visit.

Buying Raw Honey in Bulk

Here at Artie’s Harvest, we’ve been producing raw honey for well over three decades. Located in farm country of SW Washington State, we provide a traceability label on all our raw honey to show which farm it came from.

Raw honey from these sources is the real deal and where you’ll get the best taste and health benefits. We recommend buying raw honey in bulk since it’ll last you a near lifetime when kept in proper storage.

Artie’s Harvest offers one to five gallon buckets of raw honey that are easy to store. Considering raw honey potentially lasts for centuries when kept tightly sealed in moderate temperatures, it’s a perfect investment for your family. 

It does cost more to buy in bulk, yet the amount of raw honey you’ll use for your benefit is going to be exponential. Imagine being able to dip into a giant bucket of raw honey any time you want and use in endless amounts of foods or drinks.

Other Honey Alternatives to Stay Away From

Now that you know pasteurized honey is not the best honey on the market, it’s also worth noting other manufacturers often add other ingredients.

Any honey on the shelf that has additives is not worth buying. Again, all the healthful aspects of them are stripped away. In this case, you’re just buying honey for the sweetness with no healthful benefits gained.

Always take the time to read the label on every bottle of honey you find on a store shelf. What it should say is “Honey” as the main ingredient and nothing more if you want something truly raw.

Order your raw honey from Artie’s Harvest today to guarantee you’re getting honey from local farmers!

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