Buy Raw Honey in Bulk

You already know the health benefits of raw honey, but what about buying it in bulk? This could become one of the smartest purchases you make since this honey type is usable for numerous purposes at home throughout the year. 

Take a look at these ten reasons buying honey in bulk should become a top priority over purchasing lesser quality and smaller supplies in local stores.

 Buy Your Honey in Bulk From Your Local Area

Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest already have the advantage of having local farms that cultivate raw honey all year long. They sell it to local stores, something we also do at Artie’s Harvest.

Where can you find our raw honey to buy in bulk? You can’t find it in all mainstream stores since so many grocery locations still sell processed varieties.

If you want the real deal, you have to visit specific stores willing to sell it. Fortunately, some mainstream grocery outlets do sell ours here in the NW, like Albertson’s and Fred Meyer.

Stores where you can find it in either Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Alaska:



You can locate our raw honey in bulk at only two major Oregon grocery outlets: QFC and Fred Meyer.

All QFC stores are in Portland, though Fred Meyer stores are a little more expansive throughout the Oregon valley. For instance, you can find our honey in Fred Meyers located everywhere from Grants Pass to Salem.

The honey comes in as big as a 24-ounce bottle to give you the best benefits of bulk buying.


Our raw honey is in Washington State more than anywhere else. This includes in Albertson’s, QFC, Safeway (our largest supplier), plus Fred Meyer.

Those stores have locations across the state.


Idaho residents can also buy us in bulk through the above stores, other than QFC. While in more limited locations here, we want to reach out to as many people as possible in the NW.


Yes, Alaskans can also find our honey. It’s only available in a prominent grocery outlet there: Carr’s. Twelve locations of Carr’s stores in Alaska currently sell our products.

Why Buying Online is a Smart Choice

If you’re going to buy raw honey in bulk, buying online is always the smarter choice. One good reason is you know you’re getting it from a legitimate source.

Buying in a grocery store can sometimes be a riskier prospect since so many stores continue to sell honey that’s far from raw. Besides, you can’t buy it in bulk very often there either.

You can buy even larger bulk supplies of raw honey directly through our website at Artie’s Harvest. It’s all American-made, local, and organic.

Sizes of Raw Honey Available

It’s possible to get as large as a 1-gallon bucket of unfiltered wildflower honey. Our largest goes up to 55 gallons (640 lbs.), giving you a large drum/barrel of honey to last for years.

In-between sizes include 3.5 gallons (40 lbs.). Smaller versions are available at affordable prices, with the smallest at ½ gallon. Plus, smaller tubes come in 12 to 16 oz. sizes.

Now you can enjoy raw honey in large bulk from a reliable source and not worry you’re buying imitation with processing.

  1. What is Wildflower Honey?


No doubt you’re curious about what wildflower honey is and why it’s a good honey product to buy in bulk.


Despite being called “wildflower honey”, it doesn’t come from any specific type of wildflower. It just means honey that comes from any flower growing in the wild.


One thing you can count on with our wildflower honey is it comes from wildflowers in the local area, meaning it’s mostly American made.


Buying local is also important so you’re assured the honey is never blended with other honey types. In some parts of the country, blending sometimes occurs to create more consistency in the look of the product.


What wildflower honey looks like differs based on the type of wildflower it comes from. However, you can usually identify it as a light color with a fruity taste. Any bought during the summer or fall will generally be darker in color because the wildflowers grew in a warmer environment.


Best of all, you can count on wildflower honey being 100% organic. Our organic brands are the only ones that come from beekeepers in other countries, namely Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.


  1. How Can You Store Raw Honey in Bulk Long-Term?


Perhaps you have concern that if you buy wildflower honey in bulk, it won’t last for any more than a couple of years.


After all, you probably want to use this type of honey for baking long down the road, something many chefs swear by. The good news is all raw honey lasts longer than you think, depending on how well it’s stored.


When buying in bulk, plan to buy well-sealed containers to store your honey in. Having them sealed tight could mean the honey lasting for decades. Some honey is known for lasting centuries (particularly from Ancient Egypt), more than proving its worth over the long-term.


Keep in mind that over time, raw honey could darken and likely crystallize. If it does happen, it doesn’t ruin the taste when taking it out of storage for use.


Our containers keep the honey air tight, but using a glass jar or plastic container works equally as well.


  1. What is the Cost of Buying Raw Honey in Bulk?


What you pay for bulk honey depends on how much you want to stock up on. Our largest container (55 gallons) costs the most, yet the 1-gallon version is only $40.99.


Local raw unfiltered honey in a 3.5 gallon bucket is $139.99, which is more than worth it considering how much it provides.


More affordable products include jugs and squeeze tube varieties. These still give you plenty for as low as $18.99. Prices vary based on whether the honey is in a bucket, tube, or jar.


  1. What is Wildflower Honey Used for in Baking?


Those new to using raw honey in baking are in for a real discovery on what it can do to spruce up numerous foods and drinks.


It goes beyond just baking and into the realm of flavoring mead, beer, BBQ sauces, and libations. For chefs, though, they can already tell you how great it is to have the scent of wildflowers in their recipes when they use wildflower honey.


Another thing to know is raw honey is always sweeter than sugar. As such, it’s a challenge using honey in an already sweet dessert recipe. Be sure to offset this so the sweetness doesn’t become overwhelming.


Raw honey in bulk is important to have on hand for your recipes if you have a sweet tooth and need an alternative to sugar.


Some other food ideas with use of wildflower honey:


--Making mead with wildflower honey is a fun pastime for many people. It’s easier to make than beer, if mead already classified as a “honey wine.” How it gets made varies depending on personal taste, though it typically involves adding in fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The basic mix is fermented honey with water.


--Creating beer with wildflower honey is just as popular. Most brewing experts say you should add about 1 cup or 1 gallon of honey per 5-gallon batch. You can also add it during the boiling process (to increase the alcohol content), to the fermenter, or during the high Krausen stage.


--Adding raw honey to your BBQ sauces or drinks brings a unique flavor to both. Placing honey in a BBQ sauce adds a smooth sweetness, something the famous KC Masterpiece brand already does. Any alcoholic drink also becomes sweeter with a dash of wildflower honey thrown in.


Numerous creative desserts are always possible with this type of honey. Recipes ranging from oat waffles, fudge, to cookies all benefit from using honey to avoid elevating blood sugar levels.


Now you see why buying raw honey in bulk should become a top priority for food storage. During times when we’re stuck indoors, having raw honey readily available is a major gift when you want to avoid refined sugar.


  1. Buy Your Raw Honey from a Wholesaler, Supplier, or Distributor


Buying raw honey in bulk means finding reliable sources that provide large enough supplies. We’re one of the few in the U.S. Northwest offering bulk raw honey products.


We consider ourselves a combination of wholesaler, supplier, and distributor. These are essential qualities to look for when buying this type of honey in bulk since many bulk items are sold wholesale.


Fortunately, we provide an option to buy directly through us, or finding our products through the above-mentioned grocery stores.


While many local farm stores sell wildflower honey, our attention to working with local farms makes all the difference in our value.


  1. Nutrition Facts About Wildflower Honey


Anyone who has to look at food alternatives in their diet will find substantial nutrition in raw honey. Even if you’ve heard plenty about what it does to your health, the nutrition aspects are still worth examining.


A few things you may want to know about wildflower honey in particular:


How Many Carbs in Raw Honey?


Expect to get only 17g of carbs out of wildflower honey, which should work well if you eat it often while dieting. Then again, it does have 60 calories per serving size (21g), meaning conservative doses are always best.


How Much Sugar is in Raw Honey?


Diabetics turn to raw honey often because it has far less sugar content than regular sugar. Wildflower honey only has 16g of sugar, albeit still very sweet.


This is why, when using it for baking, it’s best to use raw honey alone rather than combine sugar into the recipe.


Best of all, raw honey has no sodium or fat. Also, since it has no protein, many other foods mixed with honey provide this necessary nutrient.


If you need a little boost in your potassium level, raw honey does provide 11%. Still, the point of consuming wildflower honey is to find a healthy substitute for sugar.


Be sure to keep tabs on measuring other nutrition aspects of the foods you combine with raw honey. Considering raw honey continues being used often in desserts and even on meats, take caution on using any excess amounts of salt.


Common Questions About Raw Honey

We always get plenty of questions about our honey products. These three are some of the most common queries about wildflower honey in particular:


How Do You Decrystallize Raw Honey?

While storing your raw honey in bulk, it could crystalize over time, something that never ruins the taste. Still, it might not look appealing to someone who’s never seen crystalized honey before.

One way to decrystallize it is to place your container of honey into a pot of hot water. Let it liquefy while gently stirring. This works every time and only takes less than five minutes.

What is the Difference Between Raw Honey and Unfiltered Honey?

Raw honey always comes directly from the hive, though there are filtered and unfiltered versions of it on the market. We sell unfiltered, which means all original properties are still intact.

Filtered honey often has slight processing to remove small particles and even bee parts. Buying it unfiltered is as close to true raw as it gets.


How Old Do You Have to Be to Consume Raw Honey?

An important aspect to remember about raw honey is newborns shouldn’t consume it due to the possibility of botulism.


The recommendation is that you should wait to introduce your children to raw honey until they’re at least a year old.


Of course, it’s safe for everyone else at any age, including when storing it away for years in bulk.


If you’re looking to buy raw honey in bulk this year to fortify your food supplies, we’re always in stock for you at Artie’s Harvest.