Arties Harvest Local Pacific Northwest Wilflower Honey American Raw Unfiltered 100% Natural Pure Bee Honey 3.5 gallon pail 40 pounds

Artie's Harvest Local Raw Honey 3.5 Gallon - Wildflower Pacific Northwest Bulk

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Don't you just love the pure taste of honey? We sure do. That's why my childhood best friend and I started a business back in 2010 to share quality honey with everyone.

Artie's Harvest Local Pacific Northwest Raw Wildflower Honey is our flagship variety made from bees exclusively in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, in the backyard where our family-owned business started.

Our honey is not ultra-heated which preserves the vitamins, minerals and pollen that naturally exist in honey. It is also unfiltered, giving you the closest thing to honey straight from the hive. What makes Artie's Harvest and this honey unique is that we work directly with each beekeeper, we know them by name and we can trace your bucket of honey all the way back to where the bees actually pollinated and gathered nectar. Talk about transparency!

This Local raw honey container is sold in a 3.5 gallon pails weighing 40 pounds each.

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