Organic Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey Bulk 3.5 gallons

$129.99 $174.97
Size: 40 pounds

With a light amber color and rich flavor, our Artie's Harvest Organic Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey has a smooth finish that you'll enjoy for a wide range of occasions. 

We work directly with our beekeeper partners in the Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by tropical forests in a region untouched by pesticides and pollutants.  This is the ideal location for bees, located within a protected reserve.  Your purchase helps support these smallholder beekeepers and their region. 

When the honey arrives at our warehouse we maintain its raw properties to preserve the vitamins, minerals and pollen that naturally exist in honey. You can taste the difference in how we minimally impact the product giving you the closest thing to honey straight from las abejas (the honeybees).

This bulk honey container is sold in 1 gallon units weighing 12 pounds each.