Pacific Northwest Wildflower Unfiltered Raw Honey – 16 oz Tube


The Pacific Northwest Wildflower Honey is made from real bees in the Pacific Northwest. Arties Harvest is 100% all natural raw unfiltered honey fresh from local beefarmers in Oregon and Washington State. This bulk honey container is sold in 1 gallon units weighing 12 pounds each.

  • You will love the smell and natural taste of our purely raw honey.
  • Get the best quality honey at the lowest price.
  • Great for Baking, Brewing, Mead, Tea, Butter, Syrup, Skin Products, Energy packets and Sports Drinks.
  • Artie’s Harvest Raw Unfiltered Honey is not ultra filtered – we lightly strain to remove things like wax comb or propolis.
  • It is not pasteurized or processed – we gently warm exactly what we get from the beekeeper up to the natural hive temperature then gravity flow into bottles, jars and buckets.
  • And it is never blended with non-native honey – this is a method that is sometimes used to cut cost, cut corners and fool consumers, but at Artie’s Harvest we don’t stand for it.